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March 2005
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DeSoto Magazine is a beautifully published magazine serving the Mid-South area. We bring you interesting stories each month of Mississippi people and places that you probably didn't realize were right here in your backyard. We welcome you to pick up a copy today and take a journey with us to Explore North Mississippi!

Top Story

Pilgrimage Pride

by: Whitley Rives

Jorja Swanee Lynn has been in love all her life -- with a house.

Growing up, she would walk by the abandoned Walter Place in Holly Springs, with its castle-like appearance done up in an unusual Greek Revival style, complete with massive Gothic towers. She wondered what treasures lay inside.

Other Stories

Become a Pocillovist
by: Maria Hill

You may have seen them at antique stores, flea markets, or even in your grandmother's kitchen. Eggcups have been around for thousands of years.



Animal Inspiration
by: Chelle Ellis

Angi Cooper first introduces you to her cats -- Captain, a long-haired black cat and Frisco, a classic tabby. The artist’s white cat, Tristan, doesn’t allow an intrusion to stir him from his gentle nap in unknown parts of the Cooper home. Cooper’s cat-loving history goes back to her childhood, with her first pet, a tabby simply named “Cat.”


On the Porch
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