Directory of Tammies

We have about 25 queens and obviously I don't have everyone's information. If your name or information does not appear on this list, please email your full name, email address and phone numbers to:

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In Alphabetical Order by Last Name
BROWN, Robin Taylor  
COSTELLO, Jerri 901-797-9002
ELLIS, Ashley Cell: 901-494-1284
ELLIS, Chelle 662-280-4353; Cell: 901-270-8409
FEATHERS, Linda 662-349-0688; Cell: 901-508-6343
Work: (901) 224-0105
KAPLAN, Donna 662-280-2802; Cell: 901-461-8194
KNOBLAUCH, Suzi 662-342-2865
LINER, Celia Day: 901-544-0075; Night: 662-890-5203
MARABLE, Liz 662-890-5161
NESBIT, Linda 662-233-2767
PICKLE, Judy 901-496-1904
RIDGEWAY, Lisa 662-449-0149
SLUDER, Janice 662-449-3190
SORRELL, Diane 662-429-6818; Cell: 901-489-4724
TRAINUM, Tracy    
TURNER, Malisa 662-404-3573
VOGEL, Megan Cell: 901-870-5951
WEBB, Christy 662-890-7225