XyberLife.com Features XyberKids Wearable Computers

Assistive Technology Empowering Students with Disabilities
XyberKids, a breakthrough in assistive technology,empowers students with communication challenges, bringing them the power of a desktop computer in a wearable package. The XyberKids solution has been developed around a functional, lightweight wearable computer, the Mobile Assistant® V (MA®V),designed to boost your student’s rate of learning.

Flexibility for All Situations
Xybernaut® provides assistive technology that extends beyond the classroom and into the playground, the grocery store and anywhere students need the power of mobile computing.More than just a communication device, the XyberKids product brings the ability to do standard computing functions, such as calculations, multi-media, word processing and the accessibility of the
internet to the students anywhere they take it. The specially designed XyberKids pack makes this discrete, lightweight and durable package easy for students to take with them from home to school and everywhere in between.

Learning without Compromise
Not all students benefit from traditional learning tools found in the classroom. To communicate and participate in classroom activities, many students benefit from having a full-function computer at their side to assist them.The XyberKids product is a multi-component solution for students who face the challenge of a disability, allowing them to have powerful computing with them everywhere they go.

Communication with the Power of Computing
Equipping students who face challenges from disabilities


with XyberKids gives them a quantum leap beyond traditional assistive devices. No longer limited by the equipment’s functionality and location, students are given the freedom and power of communication and
learning in every facet of their lives.

Computing that Grows with You
MA V brings the power and functionality of a state-of-the-art desktop computer from the back of the classroom to the student’s backpack, by putting the tools they need within reach. XyberKids provides instant access to computing. The package includes a backpack, powerful

speakers and the MA V with an all-light readable flat panel display. Various software programs allow the MA V to be customized for students’ specific needs, allowing the product to grow with the students as they learn.