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What do you want to know today? At DCI we may be able to help you! Take your time, look around, most of your questions regarding our services are answered here at wefindout.com. If you would like to talk to us about how our services may be of assistance to you, please contact us.
 Services Offered    What we CAN and CANNOT provide
The location and condition of a missing person/runaway
Personal family history and events

Finding your Optimum Mate

Finding your Optimum Life Path
Finding your Optimum Job/Career
Recovering lost or repressed memories
Law Enforcement Assistance
Assistance in all types of investigations
(giving the investigator leads on where to look, who to talk to, what to ask) Investigations become very easy when you know what happened and why.
Personnel/employee research
Insurance: Asset recovery - Event analysis - Claims analysis
Market Research

Know the motivation behind a person's action

And much more
We CAN provide information on most any subject.
Each task is unique and we will let you know at our first meeting what type of detail to expect based on your specific need. (read References to get an idea of kind of detailed information we will provide you with)

We CANNOT provide numbers or names

Many times the data that we provide will not necessarily make any sense to us, however, when you see it, you will know exactly what it means, as seen in the example on the references page.
Sometimes, especially in missing persons/runaway projects, the data will require some "legwork". This is something you may choose to do, or you may want to have one of our traditional investigators do the follow-up work.
We have traditional investigators on staff that are familiar with Technical Remote Viewing® (Technical Remote Viewing® and TRV® are a registered trademark of PSI TECH). There are instances where the information obtained via TRV® can be followed up by traditional investigation to provide very rewarding results.

We do not accept projects that, in our opinion, are illegal or unethical. We never reveal or share any information regarding our Clients unless first obtaining their express written permission.
 How We Work

Technical Remote Viewing®(TRV®) is a breakthrough technology.

In its earliest form, this technology was devised by scientists at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and used in secret by the U.S. and other governments for over 20 years. Since being declassified in 1995, the techniques have been refined even further and are used today by businesses, law enforcement and individuals to gain information and solve problems.

Technical Remote Viewing® is an attention management skill. It is a systematic, highly controlled method of accessing information that is not normally available by any other source.

Properly applied by Trained Personnel, TRV® is the ultimate information gathering tool for Businesses and Individuals.

At your initial conference a "Target" will be established: Specific information that you want, or question you want answered.

One of our Team will assign a Target Reference Number (TRN) to your Target. A Team of Technical Remote Viewers will be given your TRN. THEY WILL NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR TARGET IS. They will be working in the "blind", that way their own personal thoughts and imagination are less likely to taint the data collected for you.

After the Team has independently worked your Target, the data will be compiled and corroborated for accuracy.


You will be given a verbal report, followed by a written report of the corroborated data. We will also give you raw data that may or may not be corroborated; sometimes there is something in that data that is just what you were looking for.

If you wish for us to do more work on the target based on the information that we have given you, we will establish another Target: Specific information that you want, or question you want answered.

The type of information that we will give you may be colors, textures, smells, sounds, temperature, movement, dimensions, emotions/thoughts at the Target, emotions/thoughts of the person working your Target regarding the Target, tangibles, and intangible (concepts). Included will be a summary of the data. Also included, will be our comments. Be aware that sometimes your understanding of the data may be more accurate since you may be more familiar with the details surrounding the Target. (see example in References)

As you can see in the References, the information can be very detailed and useful.

We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. Typically, Proficient personnel are 80-85% accurate in their data. HOWEVER, when you have a Team working your Target in the Blind, and independently, the corroborated data is close to 100% accurate.

 Team Effort    Time Frame

Our first and primary source of information/method of investigation is via Technical Remote Viewing®. On staff is a Team of Technical Remote Viewers.

Our staff of Technical Remote Viewers have all completed their fundamental training with PSI TECH. Additionally, they all participate in ongoing advanced training to continue honing their skills.

In addition, DCI, LLC has 3 seasoned investigators on staff: two current law enforcement investigators with 14 years experience each, and one private investigator with 2 years law enforcement experience and 12 years as a private investigator. This gives us a combined total of 42 years experience in traditional investigation methodology.

Every project we take is unique and has its' own time schedule. However, the most elementary project takes between 1-2 weeks from initial conference to report. Each project is discussed with the Client and a time frame will be established before the investigation begins.
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