Welcome to SheilaTequila.com, the website of Sheila Tequila!

Who is Sheila Tequila? No one is sure, but she might be you next time.

Every year, a group of friends get together to celebrate Sheila's birthday, which can be any day or month of the year. No one knows who will have the honor of being Sheila Tequila that night until it is announced at dinner in a nice restaurant. The announcer tells the waiter that tonight is the birthday of her friend Sheila and will at that moment point to Sheila. The restaurant staff will join her friends in singing Happy Birthday to Sheila and she may even get a piece of free cake or pie.

From the restaurant you go to a bar where it is the duty and honor of Sheila Tequila to drink as many tequila shots that night as she can. Her friends are welcome to join her in this task. From that point on, many things can happen; we've seen Sheila serenaded by the bar band with the Happy Birthday song while other patrons wished her a very happy birthday as well.

It is the duty of every Sheila Tequila to make the night as memorable as possible by drinking as much of the golden liquid as she can reasonably stomach and having the best time she can have without apology.

We hope you will adopt our Sheila Tequila tradition established in 2000. That year, Sheila was a Capricorn having her birthday celebrated on January 6th. Photos of that night will be posted on this site soon, as well as all subsequent Sheila Tequila birthday parties.


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