We are Ratt Sass, a folk and classic rock cover band currently playing at TizAnn's Station in Olive Branch, Mississippi on the first and third Thursday of every month.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to our site and offer a few songs below for your enjoyment.

These files run on Windows Media Player. If you do not have a copy, download a free version by clicking on the button below.

Ratt Sass Cover Songs
Tequila Sunrise (Lead Vocals: Ken Ellis)
Feel a Whole Lot Better (Lead Vocals: Hal Moore)
Pirate Looks at 40 (Lead Vocals: Ken Ellis)
Desperado (Lead Vocals: Tim Smith)
Shame on the Moon (Lead Vocals: Ken Ellis)
Ventura Highway (Lead Vocals: Hal Moore)
Imagine (Lead Vocals: Tim Smith)
Muellenburg County (Lead Vocals: Ken Ellis)
Norwedian Wood (Lead Vocals: Ken Ellis)

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