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Welcome to Horne's Restaurant & Gift Shop

Since we opened in 1960, Horne's Restaurant has been a favorite stop for travelers looking for good food, a unique atmosphere and a fun time.

We serve good country cookin', including our old fashioned milkshakes made on antique multimixers. Folks also enjoy browsing through our gift shop, which we try our darnedest to keep jam-packed with fun, unique items and souvenirs. We have picked out some of our best selling items to put into this collection, and hope you have fun browsing through our "shop".

Next time you are in the area, stop by to see us and fill up your car with gasoline or diesel, buy a Virginia lottery ticket or sip one of our thick shakes. Maybe you can even chat with Jean or Jo - two members of our team who have worked here since the place opened. We would love to see you!

Horne's History: The Story As We Know It

Are you a chain? Do you have a directory of locations? What ever happened to all those Horne's?

These are some of the questions folks ask us via email. Sooooo..... here's our story, but we cannot be sure how much of it is fact or fiction.

Located at the corner of Route 301
& Route 17 in Port Royal, Virginia
Many years ago, (some of us can remember) the highways in the South were dotted with Stucky's. Mr. Horne was a candy salesman who made his living selling to all of those stores. Then one day, Stucky's decided to make their own candy, which in essence, gave Mr. Horne the boot. Well, what is a candy salesman to do? Mr. Horne opened up his own chain, fashioning it after Stucky's, selling gifts, gasoline, good food and, of course, candy. The headquarters was in Florida, and soon stores opened up along major roads headed North. Horne's and Stucky's thrived side by side.

With the construction of I-95 and similar highways, the former major North-South routes did not receive as much traffic and customers. Soon after, Horne's as a chain ceased to exist. The good news is some Horne's were still viable business locations, such as our home in Port Royal, VA, which remained open under independent ownership. There are a few up and down the east coast from Virginia to Florida. Yet, after years of independent owners, they have each undergone many changes, making each Horne's a unique experience.

So that's it; that's our story and we're sticking to it. Believe it if you like. There is one thing that we know is true. Horne's in Port Royal, VA is unique and one of a kind! Come by for a visit!