McCoy Genealogy

I am Chelle Ellis, and this page is where I keep genealogy research for my branch of the McCoy family.

Since this is my website, it focuses more on my direct McCoy line, but my research intersects with other lines and information that you may find valuable for your own genealogy. I have a lot of duplicate entries I still need to clean up and aunts/uncles I need to add, after my snatch and grab during my free month of access to But I will get it all organized and when I do, I’ll provide a GEDCOM file of everything.

The icon 🍂 denotes a link within my on-site family tree files, which are also searchable (on the top, left side), or from the person index, of this page.



BIRTH 3 JAN 1946 • Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee, USA

DEATH Living